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April 30 vs Braves

Well, we lost to the Braves again, imagine that!!!!! Can't tell you I'm suprised one bit at all. I mean, I'm not sure if there is a way we could beat these guys. The only thing I can think of is somehow convincing them that they are playing us in the playoffs. They would choke for sure then.

April 29
OFF Day Thought

Wasn't Sizzler great a couple of years ago before they totally changed the place? I mean, does anybody actually like it better now??

April 28 vs Pirates

Well another great win for our boys. I wasn't suprised that Estes pitch well, he is so much better then his record indicates. But, if my record was that bad, I think I would have fun with the Pirates. Everytime I struck somebody out I would yell at him "Man you really suck, have you seen my era???" When a batter grounded out I would go over to him and say "Geez, I'm 0-4 with a 6.59 era and that is all you can do off of me? I'd hate to see you hit off somebody good" I think that would be funny, but I'm sure the Pirates would get mad, I mean they almost hit Estes today anyway. But, I'm glad Shawn didn't say all that stuff. It's not good to down yourself like that, even if you are just joking.

April 27 vs Pirates

Another 9th inning comeback, you gotta love it. Kent's hit to win the game wasn't pretty, but it more than got the job done. Although I thought it would have been cooler if after he crossed first base he started doing the Merton Hanks Funky Chicken Dance. Then, when the other players got there, they started playin the song 'YMCA' on the sound system. Then the players all turned to the crowd and led them in dancing to the song. I bet that would have made the first story on Sportscenter! OH well they won the game, the rest shouldn't matter.

April 26 vs Brewers

What a game!! the Giants pulled it out. I thought we were really going to have a fight there when Juden threw that ball behind Benard, that pitch wasn't even close, it had to be on purpose. I couldn't believe that Juden was acting like he didn't mean to throw it there. I don't know what him and Benard were saying, but if I was Benard and Juden told me he didn't do it on purpose, I would probably laugh and say "Well you suck then, my sister can throw better than you. HA HA HA HA. Then I thought it was good that Marvin just let thing die down. Besides, I'm not even sure if he has a sister.

April 25 vs Brewers

We finally got a win, way to go boys. That Fernando Vina is one heck of a player, he is really pesky and gets on base alot. Today I was thinking, if that guy gets on again, how are we going to stop him from scoring? I mean, you could pull something like the hidden ball trick, but that dosen't work on smart cats like him. Then I thought, what if J.T. went over to him and put his arms around him and gave him a kiss on the cheek?? Fernando would probably be stunned, I know I would. We could have Johnson run up the first base line and throw behind him. We could pick him off. Then I thought, J.T. won't go for that, NO WAY!!! But, if you really needed an out, I think this play might work.

April 24 vs Brewers

Another loss, come on Giants, we can do better than this. Geoff Jenkins homered in his first game in the Majors today. It was part of that 5th inning that put the game in the Brewers control. Duane Kuiper didn't sound too bitter when he called it, but I bet he was. I bet the was thinking "Damn, that punk just tied me on the all-time homerun list in his first Major League game. It's not fair, it's not fair, it's not fair. He didn't though, and I think that is good. It would have really been unprofessional of him to do that.

April 23 vs Pirates

Todays game really sucked. I mean, things can't get much worse then right now, I really feel down. I mean can anything be worse than being a Giant fan right now?? Then I saw the topic of tonight's Jerry Springer, "I guess this guy is dating a woman, but she is really a man" Then I thought, well it could be worse Gus, let's go get them tomorrow.

April 22 vs Pirates

Bonds & Darwin shared EarthDay greeting in the runway after the game tonight. I never knew they cared so much about fertilizer. At least I think that is what they meant by dirtbag...

April 21 vs Pirates

Great win for our boys today, Mark Gardner was really great. Dusty seemed very happy with the way things went. Dusty really seems like a great guy. After the game he said the Pirates were a good team. But, I think Dusty was just saying that because he dosen't want to make the Pirates angry. I think Dusty thinks the Pirates suck.

April 20

I remember listening to Hank Greenwald, he used to say "Every day you come to the ball park, you see something you haven't seen before" I guess that's true, but I'm sure there are some things we will never see. Like a mountain lion comming onto the field and attacking a player, or a bear comming out of nowhere and mauling a pitcher. Those things just don't happen at a baseball game.

April 19 vs Brewers

When Kent was on third with 2 outs today I just knew we weren't going to score, I mean we just weren't getting the clutch hits. Then I thought it would be neat if Javier just fell to the ground and started screaming he had been stung by a bee. Maybe with all the commotion Kent could have scored from third. And even if he didn't, it would have been real funny and I'm sure it would have made Sportscenter.

April 18 vs Brewers

That play when Mueller and Kent both threw the ball away was really crazy today. I started thinking if that play could have been any worse?
Then I thought, what if after Kent threw the ball into left field, Bonds picked it up and ran straight towards Cirillo. Then, he threw him off the base and tackled him to the ground. Then he ripped off his shirt and started flexing to all the fans behind the 3rdbase dugout... He could tell Cirillo he was only joking and the play was so messed up anyway he thought it would be funny to do that. The Brewers might get mad, but they were winning anyway. Then I thought, that would be pretty silly and people would probably be mad at Barry.
Sometimes you just don't joke around like that.

April 17 vs Brewers

After the game tonight I really started thinking about things. I mean, baseball is just a sport after all. All that should really matter is family and friends. I mean those are the things you should live your life by, not a stupid baseball game.
It's more important to be nice to people and treat people like you would like to be treated anyhow.
Baseball is just a game and it pretty much has nothing to do with life.
Then I thought, "Oh shut up Gus, your just saying that because the Giants lost"

April 16

Jose Bautista.... that guy really sucked.

April 15 vs Padres

The Giants should all wear pretty rings on their left hands that say
"Kevin's Girl" when Brown pitches against them...

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