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July 26 vs Reds

July 25 vs Reds

Another frustrating loss for the Giants, today it was a one run game. After the game the Giants sent John Johnstone to the Padres for Steve Finley, Tony Gwynn, Greg Vaugn, Trevor Hoffman, Kevin Brown and Andy Ashby. Oh why do I do that? I'm just joking. But, if they did that, I bet I wouldn't be nearly as upset that they lost today.

July 24 vs Reds

YES!!! We finally got a win. Boy, the Reds starting pitcher really got rocked today. If they left him in after Kent hit the grandslam I thought it would have been cool if Joe Carter went out to the mound before he batted, and put up one of those screens the pitchers use in batting practice. He could say" Look guy, you are going to need one of these if you are going to throw like that, you kinda suck tonight"

July 23 vs Cardinals

Guess what, the Giants lost. I guess we are getting used to that about now. After the game Brian Sabean made a couple of trades. He said "We had to do something" But, I think he really meant "Guys, I'm a little drunk and I thought I would trade our second best reliever and one of our top prospects for the hell of it. I was pretty wasted when I traded Matty Williams, and that ended up working just fine"

July 22 vs Cardinals

July 21 vs D-Backs

July 20 vs D-Backs

July 19 vs @Astros

July 18 vs @Astros

July 17 vs @Astros

July 16 vs Off Day

July 15 vs @Dodgers

July 14 vs @Dodgers

July 13 vs @Dodgers

July 12 vs @Rockies

July 11 vs @Rockies

July 10 vs @Rockies

July 9
Off Day

July 8
All Star Break

July 7
All Star Game

July 6
All-Star Break

July 5 vs Dodgers

July 4 vs Dodgers

July 3 vs Dodgers

July 2 vs @Anaheim

July 1 vs @Anaheim

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