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June 30 vs @Anaheim

June 29
OFF thought for an OFF DAY

June 28 vs Rangers

June 27 vs Rangers

June 26 vs Rangers

June 25 vs A's

Well, the A's beat us today, a tough loss for our boys. Billy Taylor rubbed in in by taunting Bonds after he struck him out to end the game. He raised the roof like Barry sometimes does. I don't think Barry saw it , but if he did he probably would have yelled " Hey Billy, at least I look cool when I do it. You look like a dork man, your killing me here. Stick the the heavy metal concerts buddy."

June 24 vs A's

June 23 vs @A's

June 22 vs @A's

June 21 vs Padres

Another loss today, the Pads have our number. I was listening to the game today as Aurilla struck out to end it. I thought it would have been cool if the announcer said "Aurilla hits it deep to left , it's Gone!!! The game is tied, the Giants have done it.. Pysch, I was just joking, he struck out and we lost again, but I wish he would have done that." I think alot of people would have thought the guy was loony though, and I bet he would get fired too.

June 20 vs Padres

Well, we needed this win today in a big way, way to go boys!!!!! Ramon Martinez made his debut and went 3 for 3, he is hitting 1.000 in the bigs. He also didn't even flinch in the 8th when the pitcher tried that stupid pick off play. You know, when he steps off towards 3rd and looks at first. I think he should have yelled "Look, I know I've only been in the league 8 innings, but I'm not that dumb. Besides that play only works on Bonds."

June 19 vs Padres

Another loss for us, and another win for the Padres. Tonight's game got away from us around the middle innings. Just a thought, but I think it would be cool if all of foul territory was filled with hot volcano lava. The Giants and Padres could have a walk way to their dugout, but the rest is all hot stuff. If a pitcher throws a wild pitch you can forget it though, because that ball is gone.

June 18 vs Padres

We blew a big one tonight, no way around it. That was really a remote control breaking loss for sure. After the Padres had rallied to go ahead, Jacob Cruz struck out ot end the game. He just got called up from Fresno. After he struck out I thought he should have yelled "Oh come on, give me another chance, this is the first time I've got to bat all year, hey come back, where is everybody going? Everybody would have thought he was silly though. You just don't get 2nd chances like that in baseball.

June 17 vs Rockies

A win and a series victory 2 games to 1 over the Rocks. Aurilla went deep today for the game winning homer, a 2 run shot. I think it would have been cool if after Aurilla homered, he stopped and picked up each base from the ground. When he got home, he could have walked back towards the mound and threw them on the ground, and said to the pitcher " Hey buddy, why don't you put these back for me" That may not make alot of sense to you, but I think it would be cool.

June 16 vs Rockies

We finally got a win, way to go boys. We are back on track. To be honest, the way we have been playing nothing surprised me more than us winning tonight. Well, I guess some thinks would have surprised me more. Like if Javy went back to the fence to jump for a home run ball and his head came off, and fell over the fence. That would have been really bad too, because right away you would know he was hurt bad. We don't need any more injuries, we are banged up as is.

June 15 vs Rockies

Geez, another loss, make that 5 games in a row. Well, I had alot of time to think tonight with the game being so darn boring. When Hamilton fouled a pitch off, I noticed the bat boy run behind homeplate and grab the ball. I think it would be cool if out of nowhere, Hammy just thew the bat down and ran after the kid. He could tackle him to the ground and go "Where you going with that ball kid, you must think we are a bunch of morons out here not to notice you stealing our baseballs" I thought that would have been cool, Hammy could have told the kid he was joking too. But, on second thought, that would probably scare the ball boy, and I bet people would think Hammy was a little dingy too.

June 14 vs @Padres

Well, we just got swept. That really sucks. Anway, Krukow talks about momentum alot, and I guess we don't have it right now. He also has made reference to a momentum monkey several times. He often says he runs from dugout to dugout during the course of a game. I don't want to call the guy a liar, but I haven't seen no monkey running across the field during a game this year. He must really think we are stupid.

June 13 vs @Padres

Another tough night in San Diego. With the absence of Kent, people are talking about the Giants making a move, maybe for a right fielder. I think it would be cool if they found a guy that was so fast, he could get to any ball hit into the outfield, he would just stand in center field, but was quick enough to cover both lines. That way, we would have two extra infielders. Plus, if the guy was that quick, I bet the infielders would just throw home when a ground ball was hit to them. I think a guy like that would help any team.

June 12 vs @Padres

Today's game just blew up on us. Let's get em tomorrow. After the game they had fireworks at Jack Murphy Stadium. If they had any problems finding guys to set them off, I think they should have walked into the Giants clubhouse and found Jim Poole. They could have said "Hey Jim, can you help us setting these fireworks off, you already provided plenty of them for the Padres in the 8th inning."

June 11
OFF thought for an OFF DAY

Well, in the year 2,000, the Giants will have a new park. These new parks are cool, but they all kind of copy each other. I think it would be cool if they built a park completely out of chocolate. It would have to be in a cooler city though, because it would probably melt if it got really hot. Plus, you would have to get a good extermenator too, because you wouldn't want ants all over the place.

June 10 vs Mariners

We lost today, haven't heard those words in awhile. Oh well, we will rebound from this, we are good. The Mariners were good today, but I don't think they would have been nearly as good if they wouldn't have been wearing baseball gloves.

June 9 vs Mariners

11 wins in a row, way to go boys!!! It was obvious Nen was struggling a bit tonight, but his stuff was still good enough to keep the Mariners at Bay. After the Mariners got Martinez on first, I think Nen should have called timeout and walked over to Lou Pinella. He could have said, "Look Lou, I don't got my best stuff, so you can tell your boys to throw in the towell so they can get back to their hotel rooms at a reasonable hour, or you can rally to tie or go ahead like a bunch of jerks. I mean let's get real, your bullpen sucks so bad I can't believe it, they will blow it anyway." I thought that would have been cool.

June 8 vs Mariners

What can you say, that's 10 wins in a row. Randy Johnson got the chore of stoping us tonight, but didn't have much luck. He did strike out 10 Giants though. When he struck out Hayes in the 2nd, I think it would have been cool if Hayes turned around and said " So what you struck me out, at least people don't call me The Unit ha ha ha ha ha. " I bet everybody who heard Charlie say that would have laughed at Randy because that really is a stupid nickname.

June 7 vs @Cardinals

Another win for us, 9 in a row, YES!!!!!!! Nen was unbelivable today, he was the man. I think they should rename the ninth inning to the NENTH inning. But, there is no way they will do that, baseball has been around for a long time, they won't make a change like that. Besides, it might really confuse little kids who have learned the number 9.

June 6 vs @Cardinals

What a marathon today, a 14 inning winner for the Giants. Rodriguez put the long game to a halt by getting the last batter to pop to Kent, ending the game. I was thinking to myself, I hope Jeff dosen't want to play more. If he did, he could have let the ball hit at his feet and yelled "What the hell, let's play some more. I don't feel like going back to that stupid hotel anyway" I'm glad he didn't do that though, because the bullpen was really tired. Plus, that would have been really selfish of Jeff, the guys wanted to get out of there.

June 5 vs @Cardinals

7 in a row for our Giants. Plus, we are tied for first place, YES!!! I think it would have been cool if Kent brought a guitar out to second base the last inning and started singing "Three outs away from first place three outs away, Nen strikes one out and were two outs away from first place, two outs away, and so on" Hopefully, Nen would just strike the out and the wouldn't hit the ball to Kent.would be hard to field with a guitar on your shoulder.

June 4
OFF thought for an OFF DAY
You know, I've heard alot of educated people talk and they all sounded like brillant people. I've heard these people discuss everything from politics to medicine. But, when I hear a guy stand up and yell "Dodgers Suck", I think "yeah, here is a guy who really gets the big picture" Those are words to live by if you ask me. Oh, and by the way, THE DODGERS SUCK!

June 3 vs Reds

WOW, a sweep of Cincinatti. Way to go Giants. I know it wouldn't have been all that classy, but I think it would have been cool if the Giants each brought out a broom to the field in the ninth inning of today's game. After every strike and out they could have waved them in the air. Snow could have gone over to first and swept off the bag, stuff like that. Nen would have to have his best stuff though, because that would definately piss the Reds off.

June 2 vs Reds

Another win, 4 to 2 for the Giants... Geez, things are getting really interesting for our boys as we close in on first place. Just a thought, what if the Giants would have had a runner in a rundown tonight, and out of nowhere, Junior Seau came onto the field in his uniform and just absolutely drilled the guy. That would have been kind of odd.

June 1 vs Reds

Tonight's game was as one-sided as they get, good thing we were on the right side. Outfielder Lenny Harris actually pitched the 8th inning and struck out Brent Mayne to lead off the frame. I think when Brent got back into the dugout and sat down, Barry should have said "Geez, I wonder why they walked me with the bases loaded the other night? Hmmmmm, maybe it's because Brent can't hit off an outfielder? I bet Bucky knows he made a mistake now, next time I'm sure you will see him bring in Matt Williams after he walks a guy to get to you" That is if Brent has a sense of humor for things like that, you wouldn't want to say that to a guy who has a screw loose.

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