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May 31 vs Diamondbacks

Good win for us today, we take the series 3 games to 1. Rueter is really a solid pitcher, but I think the guy could add some flavor to his actions, he's kind of tight around the collar. I think after he strikes somebody out he should do head stands while they throw the ball around the infield. Then, if he pitches out of a big inning, I think it would be cool if Kirk let loose and jumped on top of the Giants dugout, ripped his shirt off and threw it into the crowd. I bet alot of people would make a point of watching Kirk pitch more.

May 30 vs Diamondbacks

Well, great win for the Giants today, the pitching was great. I know I talk about Nen alot, but I just don't think there is a more intimidating guy than him. I mean, could he be more intimidating? Well, I bet he could. He could come in from the bullpen on a harley with dark sunglasses on. Then, when he was warming up, he could uncork like 5 pitches that hit the back stop on the fly. Next, he could pull a cigar out of his pocket and lite it up. Then, put the cigar out on his forehead and take off his glasses, and say to the batter " Hey there buddy, I'm Mr. Nen, do you feel lucky today?" I bet that would scare the living hell out of the batter, it would scare me.

May 29 vs Diamondbacks

Well, we got a W tonight, we needed it. Props to Shawn,Barry and Mr. Nen. They put a hot tub in for the series I see, in lieu of the swimming pool at the BOB. I think it would be cool if they put the hottub on the actual playing field, and moved it around after every game. I mean could you imagine Jon Miller calling the play "A grounder to Aurila, this should be two, NO!!!, it hits the hottub and rolls into left field two runs will score, the game is tied at 4 " That would really put something new into the game. Plus, those seats would go for way more than that stupid pool in Arizona.

May 28 vs Diamondbacks

Tough loss tonight, Arizona held on by the skin of their teeth. When they walked Bonds with the bases loaded I was baffled. I thought it would have been cool if Barry yelled "Chicken,your a chicken" Then he made the chicken voice, and motions with his hands" That would have been cool, and I bet Olsen would have felt really small.

May 27 vs Reds

Todays game was really a tough loss, it still gets my goat. I think Dusty should have gone over to the Reds manager after the game and yelled "Oh, you guys are real men beating a team that really needed this win. It's not like you guys needed the win, your not going anywhere, you guys suck" But, we play them next week and I bet they would remember that. The whole thing would be senseless.

May 26 vs Reds

Well, another win and another save for Mr. Nen. Krukow says the guy is near impossible to hit when he's in the groove. Well I agree, but I bet he would be impossible to hit if he brought out a fake bloody hand to the mound. Then, in a two strike situation he could throw a fastball with the bloody hand on it and yell " Ouch, oh my god my hand just fell off, oh no" I bet if that ball was in the strikezone the hitter wouldn't have a chance. That's too much to think about with a 95 mile heater coming your way

May 25 vs Reds

What a game for our boys. Orel was clutch, we needed innings and he gave them to us. I'm not sure if I like his nickname though, the bulldog is kind of lame. Maybe if he wore a collar around his neck and barked and all the hitters after he struck them out I would like it better. They could also chain him up in the dugout for added realism, and make him eat out of a dog dish on game day. Geez, if he did that, Dennis Rodman wouldn't have nothing on him

May 24 vs Cardinals

A real late game for the Giants tonight, I don't think they will have to worry about 24hr room service though, I'm sure they got enough FREE Big Macs for everyone :(

May 23 vs Cardinals

Well, another brutal loss for the Giants. Damn, it seems like we are always one run short. I think McGwire is an awesome hitter, don't get me wrong, but I wish he would stop hitting homeruns against the Giants. I bet if he had to go get that ball after every time he hit it like in Little League, he wouldn't be as happy after he hit them. That's a long walk, and I bet people would bug him for autographs too on the way to get the ball.

May 22 vs Cardinals

If I was a baseball and I could talk, I would probably say" psss. psss, hey pitcher, please don't throw me to that big dude who wears #25, he's not very nice!!!!

May 21 vs Brewers

Great win for the Giants today, another series that we have won. Billy Mueller went off today, he went 4-6 and is hitting .357. I guess Milwaukee is a big beer city, but I bet they won't be saying Miller Time tonight.

May 20 vs Brewers

Well, the Giants got funky today and dissed Milwaukee. Looks like they are the real Mac Daddy's. It ain't nothing but a G thing with our boys.

May 19 vs Brewers6-9
You know, tonights game was really a brutal loss. The announcers called it a heartbreaker for the Giants and their fans. I guess that's a good word, but I'm not as heartbroken as I was when my girlfriend left me for my best friend Ralph. I did break my remote control though, I was pretty mad. So, I think they should call games like this a remote control breaker. At least as far as the fans are concerned.

May 18

No game for the Giants today, so I thought I would talk about David Wells and his perfect game yesterday. It was only the 15th perfect game in baseball history. Paul Oneil caught the last ball in right field. I think that Oneil and Wells must not have alot of hatred for each other. Because if they did, Oneil would have ran up to the ball, let it drop, and yelled "Screw you buddy, you ain't no friend of mine." I bet David Wells is happy he didn't do anything to make Oneil really mad at him.

May 17 vs Mets

Giants win today, that's 2 of 3 from the Mets. Way to go guys. Benard Gilkey got ejected in the 7th inning for arguing balls and strikes. That's the first time I remember seeing anybody get ejected at the Stick this year since J.T. Snow. I think it would be cool, that if after they ejected a player, a cop came out and handcuffed them. Then, they put them in that little van that they put all the drunk fans in who act up at the stick. They could let them out after the game. I mean, let's face it, I don't think J.T. or Gilkey would have said as much if they knew that would happen to them.

May 16 vs Mets

Well, today was just one of those days the Giants probably wished the just stayed in bed. I think the Giants should have just started to mess around once they got down 4 to 0 myself. Like going out in the field and wearing their gloves on their heads and using thier hats for gloves. They could also pick out one guy on the team on every play, and run after him, tackle him, and pull his pants up real high so it gives him a wedgie. Stuff like could really make a tough day a little easier to get through.

May 15 vs Mets

If you were a hitter and Rob Nenn hit you with the ball, I bet it would hurt real bad.

May 14 vs Expos
Game 1 6-0 Game 2 2-0

Well, two wins in one day, you can't beat that. Barry got it started in the first inning with a long homerun to right, a two run homer. Barry knew it too, he just stood there for a long time. I thought it would have been nice of Barry if he waited for Mueller to get home since he was standing there anyway. That way, he could have high fived Bill before he ran and Bill wouldn't have had to wait for him to run the bases. Maybe next time.

May 13 vs Expos

Well, today was one of those games you just like to forget about. That Carlos Perez is a good pitcher, but I'm not sure I like that thing that he does after he strikes people out. If I was Kent and he did that to me, I would have just thrown the bat at him after he struck me out and yelled "Hey man, I've struck out 44 times and nobody has never done that to me, save that crap for a contact hitter"

May 12 vs Expos
Rain Out

Well, another rainout. You know my feelings about rain outs, I just don't think there is any reason for them. I think it would have been cool after they cancelled the game today if the Giants challenged the Expos to a game of Twister. They could play right there on the field. The losing team could spring for pizza. They would have to make sure nobody was around though, if ESPN or something got ahold of those guys playing Twister in their uniforms, all the other teams would poke fun at them the rest of the season.

May 11 vs Expos

What a way to start a homestand. The Spos starting pitcher was really getting hammered. Even before Bonds and Kent homered the Giants were hitting shots deep into the outfield. After Kent hit his I think it would have been funny if the right fielder hoped up in the family pavilion and the left and center fielder got into the bleachers and yelled "Okay, go ahead and pitch, now were ready Meat" They would never do that though, it would take them too long to get to the ball if they hit a basehit out there. Besides, the pitcher would really lose his confidence after that. You can't just do that to a guy even if you know he sucks real bad.

May 10 vs Cubs

Way to go Giants. They had a very good road trip, especially since they lost the first 3 games. Wrigley field was beautiful as always this weekend, I really think that park is the greatest in baseball. I think it would be cooler if the ivy on the wall was really poison ivy. I bet that would really give the outfielders something to think about. Poisonous snakes on the warning track would be real cool too. But hey, that park has been there forever, they ain't going to change things for me. But if they did, I bet people wouldn't be talking about how great it was to play there, especially outfielders. I bet they would really have trouble signing free agents too.

May 9 vs Cubs
Game 1 5-1 Game 2 0-6

Well, today was a double header for the Giants and Cubs. I can't think of a better value than two games for the price of one. Well actually I can, but I don't think I can say that on here. People would probably get mad at me.

May 8 vs Cubs

Well, today was on of those games that just hurt, plain and simple. Tough loss for our boys. I knew Grace was going to beat us, the guy is a rock under pressure. In a way, I was hoping a giant monster would come out of the ground and eat him on the on-deck circle. I don't think the Cubs had anybody left on the bench. They would have had to use a pitcher to hit. But, that stuff just doesn't happen at a baseball game. Plus, I would probably have felt bad if that happen to Grace, he seems like a nice guy.

May 7 vs Cubs
Rain Out

You know life can be really tough sometimes. Alot of people tell me that God always does things for a reason. Hey, I'm not here to argue that one way or another. But, when I look at a baseball field with at tarp on it, I just can't justify that. I'm sorry, but there is just no reason for anything like that too happen. And if you can come up with one, your obviously really stupid.

May 6 vs Marlins

What a win, another comeback, how about these Giants... You know, that Jim Leyland is a class act, I will never forget him walking over to the giants dugout last year and consoling Dusty after they knocked us out of the playoffs. I think after tonight's game, Dusty should have done the same. Jim probably would have said "What are you doing here Dusty?" Dusty could have said "Well Jim, I really appreciated it when you walked over to our dugout last year and said some nice words. I'm coming over here to tell you I'm sorry. Because, I have every indication to believe that you guys are going to suck this year, I mean, I haven't even heard of half of these guys. Must be a real bummer dude." I think that would have been nice of Dusty, but Jim may have taken it the wrong way.

May 5 vs Marlins

Well, a great win for the Giants tonight. I don't care if it was hard, a win is a win. When Aurila hit that homerun, Krukow said it was big because it put Momentum back in our dugout. Screw that, I say it was big because it put us ahead, I could care less about that Momentum guy. He must not play much anyway, I've never even heard of him.

May 4 vs Marlins

Well, a good win for the Giants tonight. I know it may not be much, but it's nice to beat the team that eliminated us from the playoffs last year. That was the same team wasn't it??? Their uniforms looked the same.

May 3 vs Braves

Can you believe it, we actually beat the Braves. Man, I wasn't sure there for awhile. That ball Tucker hit was clearly foul by 2 or 3 feet. I was so upset that the Braves got that luck call. I thought, "That ball was foul by at least 2 feet. I mean, that ball was as almost as foul, as the amount of feet the Braves pitchers' strikezone is off the outside corner of the plate".

May 2 vs Braves

Whatever, that makes 3 straight loses in Atlanta and 6 in a row. Things must be getting frustrating for the Giants, especially losing a game like todays. I think it would have been cool if after Lockhart got the winning hit, if we would not have just walked off the field. I would have like to seen Snow pick up the first base bag before Lockhart got there and say "Is this what your looking for?" Then, he could hit him over the head with it. It would probably start a big brawl, but hey that's fine with me. I hate the Braves...

May 1 vs Braves

Another loss in Atlanta, no suprise. That shift they play on Bonds is really stupid, I hate it. If I was Barry I would pretend like I didn't notice they were playing a shift and say"Ha Ha Ha, you guys spent so much money on your pitchers you can't even afford a 3rd baseman" I think that would be funny.

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