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April 13, 1998
This week's editorial was written by
GVL Regular Deb


"Teams just don't do what the San Francisco Giants did last season."

"1998 Projected Outlook 78 - 84, 4th in the NL West"
"Do you believe in miracles? After last season, Giants fans should. And speaking of miracles, manager Dusty Baker's got a better chance of parting San Francisco Bay than winning the West again."

Does this bother you? It sure does me. I know we shouldn't care what 'the experts' think. And I also know that THEY all picked us for last, last year, so we should consider this a good omen. But, come on. When are we going to get some R-E-S-P-E-C-T? (Where is Aretha when you need her?)
"I think it's a better team on paper than it was last year at this time, but you don't win games on paper. We have more experience, and we're deeper through the roster. And there are fewer questions marks than we had going into the beginning of last season," -- general manager Brian Sabean. I know what you are saying... hey, the Giants were the first Sunday night game on ESPN. True, but only because they were playing at the BOB. And yes, they even were the lead basebal story on SportsCenter Saturday (9 Apr). Again, true, but only because they were play the Cardinals with McGwire. The Giants are not the focus of any of these stories. Their opponents are the focus. Ok, so what can we, the GVL masses, do about this? We can let them know how we feel. Take a minute to fire off an e-mail to ESPN and/or Peter 'I am the god of baseball' Gammons. Let them know we do not like how they are treating our team. Tell them, we believe that out team deserves not to be dismissed. Tell them the Giants are not 'lightweights' in a 'heavyweight' division. Will this change anything? Probably not. But you never know. Maybe Gammons will decide there are 4 teams in the race for the NL West, and that the Giants have as good a chance as any of the others. Maybe he won't. But he will know we are here and that we believe.
The e-mail address is ESPN

"We are all born equal, but some of us become Giants!"