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April 27, 1998
This week's editorial was written by
DB Dave

Living Behind the Blue Curtain
Every wonder what it is like to be a fan of another team in a different city? Well here is one man's experiences of being a Giants fan behind the Blue Curtain otherwise known as LA.

Everywhere I go and every place I see all this Dodger blue garbage. Even though I live only 30 minutes from Anaheim Stadium eveybody seems to be Dodger fans. You know them. Bitter, angry, jealous, frontrunning people who are die hard Dodger fans as long as the Dodgers are winning which they haven't been doing for a while. Once they struggle or just plain SUCK (as they do now) they are nowhere to be found. They always seem to be more upset when I wear my Giants cap and I remind them that WE ARE THE DEFENDING NL WEST CHAMPS!!!!

Going to Dodger Stadium can be an experience. All the so called fans show up in the 3rd inning and leave in the 7th even though it maybe a one run game and the Dodgers are winning(which it's often). I guess they have to make an entrance like the movie stars who go to Dodger games.

Being a Giants fan at a Dodger game is great. All the dodger fans can't stand what I am screaming at their loser players. Things like "Pert Boy if you swing like a girl go to the Silver Bullets." Or "Karros what's the matter. Are you too STUPID to go to STANFORD? You ucla SCUM!!!!!! "Nomo NO GOOD" "Zeile your wife is a better athlete than you" But Dodger fans are not known for their intelligence so they just sit there all quiet and with their hands on those TERRIBLE Dodger dogs not knowing what to say.

I love it when the Giants are winning and most of the Dodgers fans have left and the stadium is quiet and the only thing people can hear is "PERT BOY" or "ucla SCUM" or BUMS SUCK" coming from this Giant fan living behind the blue curtain.

It's great in a sports bar. I remember when BJ hit hat HR to beat the Bums. A friend and I were watching the game at a sports bar. Now remember I'm a Stanford fan too and BJ was QB for the Cardinal. My friend is a dodger and ucla fan (Two time LOSER) and when BJ hit that HR I yelled at the top of my lungs YES!!!!! F**k the Dodgers!!!!!! I was so happy. You should have seen some of the looks I got from people in the bar. It's go great to see the dodgers LOSE.

Hearing all the dodger this and dodger that can make me sick and it does. But it is GREAT that I can rub it into dodger blue faces that the SAN FRANSICO GIANTS ARE THE DEFENDING NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS and will be the 1998 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

See you July 4th weekend