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August 31, 1998
This week's editorial was written by
GVL Regular JamesT from Sacto

Cybergate '98 Memories
Editor's Note: On August 29, 1998 the GVL (aka Room 18) held it's 2nd annual "Cybergate" Tailgater and Giants Game hosted by Deb from SF (CyberMom to some of us). For those of you who haven't heard about Cybergate...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Stay tuned to the GVL Homepage for a special "Cybergate '98" page, until then here are a few memories from fellow GVL Regular JamesT.

1.) Getting to meet everyone again or for the first time.

2.) Manning Dave from Left Field's awesome bbq grill and bbqing the food everyone brought to bbq. I was starting to feel my age when I realized that I was actually having fun doing the bbqing with that awesome piece of machinery. I was telling DfLF the last bbq grill that size I saw was in the backyard of a place my parents lived at in Hawaii. A few years back I spent a week in paradise with my parents. What I neglected to mention was that the landlord told me that my parents and the other tenants would clean up the patio every weekend and have a bbq with the grill made from half of a 55 gallon steel drum and two stainless steel racks from a refrigerator. Guess we know who's doing the bbqing at the next Cybergate and mini-gates we should start having as we make our way through the playoffs this year. I usually go to at least two of the three games every weekend that there are home games, and I do have a grill that takes the place of my golf clubs in my trunk when I go to the games. If anybody wants to tailgate before the game just email me I've got a grill.

3.) Watching the game with all of the fellow chatters. I got to sit between to Valerie and Bomanintheknow, and one seat down from my fellow foul ball retriever Geno. With Valerie and Bomanintheknow I got game trivia and highlights, and with Geno I had an easy orange and black # 25 target to follow for foul balls that came our way. In fact I got my first foul ball that game. Geno (sorry bro) did his best Kevin Mitchell impersonation to catch the ball bare handed and by some miracle the ball got by him. As I saw it bounce I just dove right after it and also by some miracle I was able to get my glove over it and my other hand into my glove just before other people's hands took swipes at it. I knew right then who I was going to give the ball to, Deb. Thank you Deb and Cat and everyone else that helped Deb put Cybergate together.

4.) A Giants win with the final score 10 - 3. Incidentally, the foul ball was hit by Gardner who got his 4th CG of the year and 24th CG of his career.

5.) Meeting Marvin Bernard, Joe Carter, Russ Ortiz, and Orel Hershiser after the game and getting their autographs on my glove. I had swiped my Giants Rewards Card when I got into the park and won two free tickets to a game, an early batting practice entrance pass for the Sept. 13 game, and a pass to meet four players after the game for an autograph session.

6.) And lastly the live and in person chat session we all had after the game. For me, John K and Hummer had highlight reels going off in my head as they recalled past sports highlights, food for thought for a sports junkie like me.

What were your favorite moments from Cybergate 98?

Oh you didn't go, well you were sorely missed and we'd all like to have you next year!

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