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July 10, 1998
This week's editorial was written by
GVL Regulars AW, Deb and Lizard King

Why is it called ROOM 18?

18 is...

...the average temperature of a night game at the 'stick.

...the number of vendors that will walk in front of you when Barry is up and the bases are loaded. old you guys are hoping these GVL hotties are that you've been chatting with at 2am. Fellas, they're 13.

...the number of runs Poole will give up when we have a 17-run lead. many seconds it will take aw to bring up Dante Bichette in the GVL. many base-running errors Chris Jones will make this month.

...the number of chatters during a game who will come into the GVL and ask the score without reading the posts.

...the number of guys that will hit on Gina while she's waiting in line for garlic fries. many double entendres will be posted during an average noon chat.

...the number of Randy's and Davids in the room.

...the number of toothpicks Dusty goes through in a game.

...the number of GVL Lizards that will still be vertical in the 7th to sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" on top of the dugout at Cybergate.

...the number of times Jon Miller impersonates Vin Scully during a Giants/Dodgers game.

...the number of Bombay Sapphires Ralph consumes in 9 innings.

...the total number of intelligent statements Ted Robinson has ever made on the air.

...the number of Giants players aw can recognize by their backsides.

...the number of times Barry has been fooled by the "fake throw to 1st, throw to 3rd pickoff" move.

...the year Danny Darwin graduated from high school. many kids the average major league player has, and how many their wives are willing to have.

...the number of octaves in the National Anthem.

...the number of times Wanda hit on Randy last fall.

...the number of people in the world who have actually MET mueller time.

Additions to the 18 is... Editorial from the Giants Forum.

From Big Rob:

18 is...
the number of times in a game Ron Wotus will hold a runner that could walk home or send a runner home when the Short stop has the ball.

the number games the Dodgers will be out of first place at the end of the month.

the number of nano-seconds that it takes a batter to realize he is going to strike out when facing Robb Nen.

the number of beers I drink before the 3rd inning

the nunmber of times I have to use the bathroom during the 4th 5th and 6th innings

From Gina:

18 is...
the number of times JT Snow is mentioned in an evening in the chat room

the number of times DB David bashes Jeff Kent in one evening of chatting

From Cybercat
18 is...
The number of chatters still tailgating into the wee hours of the night at Cybergate wondering when it's going to start.

The number of times Mueller Time echoes himself.

The number of times the rubber chicken will peck Lou Seal per game.

The number of times Julian Tavarez talks to AW and her family per game.

The number of red ropes Rob from Rocklin owes Avery.

The number of times Dave from Left Field mentions he's drinking night Train with the brown paper bag and doesn't share.

The number of times we hear AW say, "Honey, I'm home!" before she decides to join in on the fun.

The number of times we get called kids by Cybermom per day.

From Ron From Fresno:

18 is...
The number of times I get shot down a day bringing up Grizzly replacements.

The number of times that Russ Ortiz is called up to the Giants this season.

The number of days it takes me to get a Grizzlies update to Avery.

The number of times I cuss when Jim Poole or Alex Diaz take the field in Fresno.

The number of runs that Mark Gardner gives up in the first inning.

From Flynny:

18 is...
The number of times in a month I have to explain that I live in England!

From Shane:

18 is...
the number of errors GlennAllen makes in a single game

the number of hair folicles on Brian Johnson's head

Tommy Lasordas IQ

The number of X Marlins in this years allstar game

The number of blown calls Angel Hernandez makes in a game

the cost of a hot dog at the stick