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July 27, 1998
This week's editorial was written by
GVL Regular Cybercat

Cybergate '97 Memories
The best time being a GVL Regular is the fond memories of Cybergate. I admit, I was kind of scared meeting all these regulars from the chatroom at first. But as soon as people were arriving and being able to put names to faces. It was just like meeting people you feel that you have known forever. Trying to picture in your mind what people look like, then meeting them face to face, brings a whole new meaning to "friendship". What especially made it memorable, leading up to Cybergate is how people pulled together, offering to pick up people from out of town to attend, pre-meeting with people before driving up, that beautiful banner, plenty of food and spirits on ice (the stores will never be the same after that). People offering to let people from out of town stay at their places, that is if they don't already have relatives or friends in the area to avoid the motels.

What is also memorable, is as people gradually arrived, is how they were greeted with open arms. Then having the fictional bartender, Tommy Lasorda last year, and Todd Worrell this year, serving up drinks, of course, you can't forget the notorious chicken sitting at the bar! But, that chicken will be forced to share center stage this year with Murphy the Gorilla! What especially made this fun and memorable, was the people were able to let their hair down and have fun. Not only before the game, but also after. Not to mention having fun, sitting together inside the 'Stick. Oh, the conversations, everyone was having fun and especially the pictures, as well. Oh, how the pictures say 1,000 words. Not to mention the fun everyone was having.

It really doesn't matter how much experience you have tailgating, this group of people, has pulled together with all their experiences and made one fantastic Cybergate party. It really doesn't matter, if you have done it once or several times, the regulars from the Chatroom, pulled together like one, big, happy family, sharing experiences and having a lot of fun.