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Something to make you laugh

June 29, 1998

We are a little slow in the editorials this week so I thought I would put up a little something Giants related that I found on the net...

Top Ten
Punchlines to Dirty Baseball Jokes
Presented by the San Francisco Giants
As presented on the 05/09/96 broadcast of LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN

10. "When he pops one up, he really pops one up" (Pitcher Doug Creek)
9. "And she said, 'how do you get it to curve like that?'" (Shortstop Rich Aurilia)
8. "Holy Cow, I can't believe it. Another trip to the mound"(Pitcher Rod Beck)
7. "That's the biggest strike zone I've ever seen" (Pitcher Rich Delucia)
6. "So his wife says, 'It's not a Ball Park Frank, but it plumps when I cook it'"(Second Baseman Steve Scarsone)
5. "The last time I caught fungoes, I was in Mexico" (Pitcher Steve Bourgeois)
4. "Just pretend you're Bill Buckner, let it go between your legs"(Rightfielder Dave McCarty)
3. "All I know is, it had pinstripes" (Centerfielder Marvin Benard)
2. "Whoops, I thought you said Orel Hershiser" (Leftfielder Mel Hall)
1. "It's not a Louisville Slugger, but keep choking up" (former SF Giant J.R. Phillips)