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Jessica L. Engert
424 Feldspar Ln.
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
(707) 523-0628


Business professional with experience in marketing, promotions and public relations. Worked in both creative and direct contact sectors of these professions. Proven ability to learn quickly and work effectively through corporate knowledge and determination to learn all aspects of the business.


Bachelor of Science
Business Administration~ Marketing
California State University, Sacramento~ May 1995

Skills Accomplishments


September 1996-September 1997: Contractor VA Medical Center Women's Clinic, San Francisco, CA. Responsible for database upkeep, new patient survey implementation and evaluation, direct mailing and general office help.

June 1995-May 1997: Promotions Assistant Sacramento Kings (NBA) and Sacramento Knights (MISL), Sacramento, CA. Responsible for coordinating and conducting game day promotions and entertainment.

November 1994-August 1996: Minute Taker/Transcriber SCEO, Sacramento, CA. Responsible for taking written minutes and transcribing audio of meeting into computer printout.

September 1995-February 1996: Researcher US Sprint, Rancho Cordova, CA. Responsible for researching fiber optic lines using computer map database.

May 1994-December 1994: Marketing Assistant, Intern Sacramento Gold Miners, Rancho Murieta and Sacramento, CA. Worked in promotions, public relations, marketing and corporate sales. Planned and implemented such activities as San Francisco Federal's Football For Female Fans Seminar, Sponsorship Appreciation Night and Raley's Meet the Gold Miners Night.

References Available Upon Request