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Deep Thoughts

Sept 16 vs @D-Backs

Geez, what a blowout tonight at the BOB. When I first saw the score I didn't panic much. I thought "14 to 0, we can come back. That's just 2 touchdowns and 2 extra points" Besides these guys got beat by Dallas last week 38 to 10. Then I realized it was the Giants and Dbacks, not the NFL. So, I just said the hell with it and watched Melrose Place. I had heard it was a pretty steamy episode.

Sept 7 vs @Padres

Wow, what a win for our boys. Gotta give them Padres credit, they are a great team. Last time we played down there, they swept us, including on Fireworks Night. I think after Nen got Myers to strke out, he should have lit one of those little black snakes on the mound and yelled "Yeah, baby , just because you lost doesen't mean we ain't gonna have fireworks" I think if he did that people would think he was whacky though.

Sept 6 vs @Dodgers

Well, we are still fighting, these guys won't give up. In the 8th inning we had a suicide squeeze play with BJ bunting home Joe Carter. They announcers said Carter probably didn't even know what it was because he came from the American League. I think that's good they told him what the suicide squeeze was though. If they didn't, he may have killed himself, and we really need his bat.

Sept 5 vs @Dodgers

Sept 6 vs @Dodgers

Another loss down south. After the game a guy asked me if I could change one thing about the world what would it be? I thought about world hunger, a violence free society and good health for everybody. Then I thought "Screw it, I'd just make it so the Dodgers couldn't beat the Giants. Let's face it, I'm not hungry, I'm healthy and there is no violence where I live and I'm still misreable because we lost to them"

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