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October 29, 1998

Well, the 1998 baseball season is officially over but for most of us baseball is still on our minds. For us Giants fans this off season is the beginning of some major changes for our team. With every acquistions we make, every player we re-sign and every minor leaguer we think about giving a chance we are thinking about the year 2000... PAC BELL PARK. Like most Giants fans I am excited about our new stadium and the team we will field in 2000, but I am also saddened by the thought of the farewell to Candlestick Park.
I for one LOVE The 'Stick!
I just wonder if I am the only one out there that feels that way...

What will you miss most
about Candlestick Park?

Please add any thoughts you have to the Giants Forum


Previous Results

October 1, 1998~ What do you think was the most disappointing factor in the '98 season
Not making the playoffs?: 53%
Starting Pitching: 18%
Shawn Estes: 15%
Lack of a big trade: 7%
The Steve Reed trade: 7%
Relief Pitching: 0%

September 17, 1998~ Who do you think should be the Giants MVP this season?
Jeff Kent: 64%
Robb Nen: 16%
Barry Bonds: 12%
Bill Mueller: 8%
Mark Gardner: 0%
Orel Hershiser: 0%

September 1, 1998~ Would you pay increased ticket prices if it meant signing a BIG name free agent?
YES: 69%
Depends on the Free Agent: 11%
Depends on the increase: 9%
Not if it's Piazza: 8%
NO WAY: 3%

August 25, 1998~ Who do you think the Giants should sign to play 1st base next season?
JT Snow: 37%
Mo Vaughn: 27%
Will Clark: 16%
Rafeal Palmerio: 16%
John Olerud: 4%

August 12, 1998~ Where do you think the Giants will end up at the end of the season?
The Wild Card team: 62%
Above the Dodgers in the standings: 24%
Watching the playoffs at home on TV: 14%
NL West Champs: 0%
I don't care... I give up!: 0%

August 2, 1998~ Which of the trades do you approve of the most... if any?
Ellis Burks: 80%
Mesa/Morman/Dunston: 8%
It doesn't matter: 6%
NONE!: 6%
Joe Carter: 0%

July 27, 1998~ Who do you think was the GVL Player of the Month for July?
Snow: 46%
Kent: 27%
Javier: 20%
No one: 7%
Kirk Rueter 0%
Orel Hershiser: 0%

July 19, 1998~ Who do you think the Giants should pick up before the trading deadline?
Starting Pitcher: 40%
Power Hitter: 35%
Right Fielder: 15%
New Mascot: 5%
Anyone... just make a change: 5%
No one the team is fine: 0%
Relief Pitcher: 0%

July 6, 1998~ Who do you think was the Giants 1st half MVP?
Robb Nen: 55%
Kirk Rueter: 27%
JT Snow: 14%
Orel Hershiser: 4%
Barry Bonds: 0%
Rich Aurilla: 0%
Bill Mueller: 0%

June 29, 1998~ Where do you think is the best place to watch a Giants game from?
At Home: 41%
1st base side: 23%
Behind home plate:13%
Bleachers: 9%
Luxury Box: 9%
3rd base side: 5%
Family Pavillion: 0%

June 21, 1998~ Besides Bonds, Which Giants do you think
should be playing in the All-Star Game?

Robb Nen: 59%
Bill Mueller: 17%
Dusty Baker: 17%
Rich Aurilla: 7%
Orel Hershiser: 0%
Kirk Rueter: 0%

June 14, 1998~ Which Giants' team was your favorite?
1997: 69%
1971: 8%
1993: 8%
1962: 8%
1989: 7%
1982: 0%
1987: 0%

June 1, 1998~ Top of the 9th Giants up 7-1 what do you do?
I'm at home watching the game: 40%
Wait until the final out to leave: 25%
I would sleep at the 'Stick if I could: 15%
Depends on the weather: 10%
Leave to beat the traffic: 10%
Depends on what my friends do: 0%

May 25, 1998~ If you were the Giants GM what is the one move you would make...
Wait a little longer before making a move: 77%
Get a power hitter~ any position: 15%
Get a right fielder: 8%
Get some more pitching: 0%
Nothing we are going great: 0%
Bring up some more Grizzlies: 0%

May 18, 1998~ Do you think the Giants should try to get Mike Piazza?
Depends on who we have to give up: 50%
Anything to win a World Series: 33%
Another ex Dodger, don't we have enough: 9%
No way! Are you crazy?: 8%

May 11, 1998~ Do you think that Jeff Kent deserves the contract he got?
Money well spent, I want Kent at 2nd: 37%
In today's salary structure it's fine: 23%
Sabean is out of his mind: 16%
They should have waited to see his '98 stats: 12%
Kent should have got more money: 6%
I don't care: 6%

May 1, 1998~ What do you think of 3rd base coach Ron Wotus?
I like him: 43%
Bring back Wendell: 36%
Haven't noticed him: 15%
Too Conservative: 7%
I don't like him: 0%
Too Aggressive: 0%

April 21, 1998~ Who do you think should be the Giants batting coach?
Bring back Bobby Bonds: 60%
Andre Dawson: 16%
Willie McCovey: 12%
Big Daddy: 8%
Keep Clines: 4%

April 15, 1998~ Do you like the NEW, new chatroom?
YES: 69%
It needs more work : 13%
I can learn to live with it: 9%
I want Room 18 back: 9%
NO: 0%

April 10, 1998~ Do you like the new chatroom?
I want Room 18 back: 35%
Change the text box and I will : 25%
I can learn to live with it: 15%
If Worrell serves enough drinks: 10%
NO WAY: 10%
YES: 5%

March 30, 1998~ Will you cheer for Orel at the Home Opener?
If I have enough beer: 70%
Depnds on how he does: 17%
NO WAY: 8%
Maybe later in the season: 5%

March 23, 1998~ Who do you think should be the Giants starting shortstop?
Rich Aurilla: 74%
Platoon: 26%
Rey Sanchez: 0%
Wilson Delgado: 0%

March 16, 1998~ Who do you think should be the Giants 5th starter?
Osvaldo Fernandez: 56%
4-man rotaion: 18%
Danny Darwin: 12%
Joe Roa: 6%
William Vanlandingham 6%

Do you have a "Question of the Week"? Are you wondering what Giants fans think about a particular topic? If so, let us know!

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