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November 17, 1998

Top Ten Deep Thoughts
By Gus

Hi, it's me Gus. I hope all of you are enjoyed the World Series, even though our Giants did not participating. I myself am still recovering from being attacked by a giant catfish on a fishing trip in the middle of July. I feel much better though and am looking forward to providing my fellow Giant fans with more "Deep Thoughts" starting in April of 1999. This year, I promise to have a "Deep Thought" for each and every game our boys play. The past month my friend Ed and I have been in the production room reviewing my "Deep Thoughts" from this last season. We have selected 10 "Deep Thoughts" as the top 10 of the year. I hope you enjoy them.


10. JUNE 14 @ Padres 2-3
Well, we just got swept. That really sucks. Anway, Krukow talks about momentum alot, and I guess we don't have it right now. He also has made reference to a momentum monkey several times. He often says he runs from dugout to dugout during the course of a game. I don't want to call the guy a liar, but I haven't seen no monkey running across the field during a game this year. He must really think we are stupid.

What a marathon today, a 14 inning winner for the Giants. Rodriguez put the long game to a halt by getting the last batter to pop to Kent, ending the game. I was thinking to myself, I hope Jeff dosen't want to play more. If he did, he could have let the ball hit at his feet and yelled "What the hell, let's play some more. I don't feel like going back to that stupid hotel anyway" I'm glad he didn't do that though, because the bullpen was really tired. Plus, that would have been really selfish of Jeff, the guys wanted to get out of there.

Another loss in Atlanta, no suprise. That shift they play on Bonds is really stupid, I hate it. If I was Barry I would pretend like I didn't notice they were playing a shift and say"Ha Ha Ha, you guys spent so much money on your pitchers you can't even afford a 3rd baseman" I think that would be funny.

I remember listening to Hank Greenwald, he used to say "Every day you come to the ball park, you see something you haven't seen before" I guess that's true, but I'm sure there are some things we will never see. Like a mountain lion comming onto the field and attacking a player, or a bear comming out of nowhere and mauling a pitcher. Those things just don't happen at a baseball game.

6. BAKER TO LEYLAND MAY 6 vs Marlins 10-9
What a win, another comeback, how about these Giants... You know, that Jim Leyland is a class act, I will never forget him walking over to the giants dugout last year and consoling Dusty after they knocked us out of the playoffs. I think after tonight's game, Dusty should have done the same. Jim probably would have said "What are you doing here Dusty?" Dusty could have said "Well Jim, I really appreciated it when you walked over to our dugout last year and said some nice words. I'm coming over here to tell you I'm sorry. Because, I have every indication to believe that you guys are going to suck this year, I mean, I haven't even heard of half of these guys. Must be a real bummer dude." I think that would have been nice of Dusty, but Jim may have taken it the wrong way.

That play when Mueller and Kent both threw the ball away was really crazy today. I started thinking if that play could have been any worse? Then I thought, what if after Kent threw the ball into left field, Bonds picked it up and ran straight towards Cirillo. Then, he threw him off the base and tackled him to the ground. Then he ripped off his shirt and started flexing to all the fans behind the 3rdbase dugout... He could tell Cirillo he was only joking and the play was so messed up anyway he thought it would be funny to do that. The Brewers might get mad, but they were winning anyway. Then I thought, that would be pretty silly and people would probably be mad at Barry. Sometimes you just don't joke around like that.

4. HAMMY AND BALLBOY June 15 vs Rockies 3-4
Geez, another loss, make that 5 games in a row. Well, I had alot of time to think tonight with the game being so darn boring. When Hamilton fouled a pitch off, I noticed the bat boy run behind homeplate and grab the ball. I think it would be cool if out of nowhere, Hammy just thew the bat down and ran after the kid. He could tackle him to the ground and go "Where you going with that ball kid, you must think we are a bunch of morons out here not to notice you stealing our baseballs" I thought that would have been cool, Hammy could have told the kid he was joking too. But, on second thought, that would probably scare the ball boy, and I bet people would think Hammy was a little dingy too.

Well, we needed this win today in a big way, way to go boys!!!!! Ramon Martinez made his debut and went 3 for 3, he is hitting 1.000 in the bigs. He also didn't even flinch in the 8th when the pitcher tried that stupid pick off play. You know, when he steps off towards 3rd and looks at first. I think he should have yelled "Look, I know I've only been in the league 8 innings, but I'm not that dumb. Besides that play only works on Bonds."

2. REMOTE CONTROL BREAKING LOSS May 19 vs @Brewers 6-9
You know, tonights game was really a brutal loss. The announcers called it a heartbreaker for the Giants and their fans. I guess that's a good word, but I'm not as heartbroken as I was when my girlfriend left me for my best friend Ralph. I did break my remote control though, I was pretty mad. So, I think they should call games like this a remote control breaker. At least as far as the fans are concerned.

1. June 4 OFF thought for an OFF DAY
You know, I've heard alot of educated people talk and they all sounded like brillant people. I've heard these people discuss everything from politics to medicine. But, when I hear a guy stand up and yell "Dodgers Suck", I think "yeah, here is a guy who really gets the big picture" Those are words to live by if you ask me. Oh, and by the way, THE DODGERS SUCK!

**I just thought I would add my favortie Deep Thoughts to this list...**
Editor's picks...

May 23 vs Cardinals 10-11
Well, another brutal loss for the Giants. Damn, it seems like we are always one run short. I think McGwire is an awesome hitter, don't get me wrong, but I wish he would stop hitting homeruns against the Giants. I bet if he had to go get that ball after every time he hit it like in Little League, he wouldn't be as happy after he hit them. That's a long walk, and I bet people would bug him for autographs too on the way to get the ball.

April 30 vs Braves 0-6
Well, we lost to the Braves again, imagine that!!!!! Can't tell you I'm suprised one bit at all. I mean, I'm not sure if there is a way we could beat these guys. The only thing I can think of is somehow convincing them that they are playing us in the playoffs. They would choke for sure then.

April 23 vs Pirates 0-7
Todays game really sucked. I mean, things can't get much worse then right now, I really feel down. I mean can anything be worse than being a Giant fan right now?? Then I saw the topic of tonight's Jerry Springer, "I guess this guy is dating a woman, but she is really a man" Then I thought, well it could be worse Gus, let's go get them tomorrow.

Sept 6 vs @Dodgers 6-2
Another loss down south. After the game a guy asked me if I could change one thing about the world what would it be? I thought about world hunger, a violence free society and good health for everybody. Then I thought "Screw it, I'd just make it so the Dodgers couldn't beat the Giants. Let's face it, I'm not hungry, I'm healthy and there is no violence where I live and I'm still misreable because we lost to them"

Sept 7 vs @Padres 5-4
Wow, what a win for our boys. Gotta give them Padres credit, they are a great team. Last time we played down there, they swept us, including on Fireworks Night. I think after Nen got Myers to strke out, he should have lit one of those little black snakes on the mound and yelled "Yeah, baby , just because you lost doesen't mean we ain't gonna have fireworks" I think if he did that people would think he was whacky though.

Sept 16 vs @D-Backs 2-14
Geez, what a blowout tonight at the BOB. When I first saw the score I didn't panic much. I thought "14 to 0, we can come back. That's just 2 touchdowns and 2 extra points" Besides these guys got beat by Dallas last week 38 to 10. Then I realized it was the Giants and Dbacks, not the NFL. So, I just said the hell with it and watched Melrose Place. I had heard it was a pretty steamy episode. PAST EDITORIALS...

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